Business Blockbuster Bootcamp
With Wendy Conner-Zamora

Rotten Business Blocks Secretly Sabotaging Your Business? 
Use the exact methods I used to bust through my own business blocks that allowed me to get hyper focused, strategic and implement like a BOSS :) 
Does this sound like you?
  •  You have a business but struggle to hit your goals.
  •  You sign up for the next "course" and in many cases, you don't implement or even finish, wasting time and money.
  •  Your consistently switching focus in your business with no real direction.
  •  You & your business are in desperate need of support but you're not sure where to turn.
  •  You spend time surfing  and connecting via social media without a clear strategic plan for being their.
  •  Your consuming more than your creating.
  •  Your busy doing but lack consistent planning and execution.
Look, I get it... because I've been there!

Stuck in procrastination and self sabotage, working on tasks and not revenue generating activities that would actually grow my business.

That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands and figure out where the self-sabotage was coming from. 

Since clearing my own energetic patterns of sabotage, I've worked with women entrepreneurs from around the globe with varying business models/products to do the same. 

The one thing they had in common and what ultimately lead them to me is they all struggled with different parts of their businesses...

Whether it was trying to get more clients, finish that big project, get clear on their offering/services, overcoming procrastination, connecting with the right people, etc...

You name it...

I've cleared it...

After beta testing and fine tuning my research & process over the past 10 years, my method has been proven to truly transform your business because it gets to the heart of the problem...

So what is the "problem?"

Your Energy!

That's right ... because it's your energy patterns that's causing you to take the wrong course of action, procrastinating, self-sabotaging, comparing, distracting, etc.

The truth of the matter is that YOUR ENERGY is at the heart of it all.  Clear you energy blocks, Shift your energy into flow and everything else shifts as a result... including your business. 

But if you think this course is just like every other "energy" or Law of Attraction course you'd be WRONG!!!

So what make my Business Blockbuster Method™ so powerful and effective?

I take you by the hand as we go deep into understanding my Infinity Energy framework, we'll go to the root cause of your entrepreneurial behavioral patterns and beliefs allowing you to become more aware, shift and release the sabotaging blocks that have been keeping you and your business hostage.
Laser focused
You may have cleared money blocks, but that will only get you so far. What no one has talked about until now is Business Blocks.

What this course is designed to do...
  •  Bring you clarity and get you laser focused on your messaging and your brand
  •  Crush self-sabotage - so you spend less time doing "busy" work that doesn't grow revenue
  •  Melt away feelings of comparison, judgement & self-doubt so you can focus on your own gifts
  •  Double your productivity  because you're no longer chasing shiny objects and procrastinating on the important tasks 
  •  Turbocharge your business almost like magic because you're working in a  vibration of flow versus frustration
  •  Clear your energy to connect you to the right people, places and offers
Is your business powered by 
fear and frustration?
If you've tried everything and your still struggling...

You’re not alone.  Millions of entrepreneurs are faced with the same challenges. Those who do nothing continue to struggle. Their business always on the brink of collapse.  Always dreaming, never reaching. 

You see there are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs just like you, who have tried everything to get their business to a point of consistent revenue: e-courses, coaches, books, seminars, webinars, retreats.

But at the end of all that, you just want the amazing freedom business you've been dreaming of. But that will never happen until you get out of your own way and stop self-sabotaging. 

And that day will NEVER come unless you do something about it …

Fortunately, there’s a Solution. 

One that involves busting through your business blocks, increasing your vibrational flow and alignment so you can become unstoppable.  All the courses, strategies and training in the world won't make a dent if you're subconsciously sabotaging your efforts and constantly procrastinating.

Unfortunately, if you've made it this far down the page, this is probably your current reality. If it is and you're ready to take a leap of faith in doing things different, because we all know what doing the same thing will get you :)
Inside my 8 week Business Blockbuster Bootcamp™ course. I'll be taking you step-by-step through this process

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Don't let this be yet another way you're self-sabotaging by waiting and paying double later when you know you need it and can save 1/2 the price by getting it now.
CLARITY AND CALM from all directions
I've been exactly where you are and so have many of my clients. 
There's a better way.
Being "THE BOSS" can be exhilarating all the time. The reason it's not for so many is because it's human nature to "play safe & avoid pain." Trust me, you will find a way to self-sabotage every time, if you haven't worked through the business blocks that have been secretly working behind the scenes sabotaging all your efforts.  
Guarantee... if you're not where you want to be in business, you've got business blocks keeping you from...
Taking action
And so much more...
You can bust through your business blocks

What the Business Blockbuster Method™ journey looks like week by week.
Overcoming Overwhelm
  • We start preparing for the journey by  overcoming  overwhelm, fear of failure and  sabotage associated with lack of knowledge. This week is setting the foundation to allow for deeper clearing and greater understanding of the process in the weeks that follow.
Flowing With Resistance
  •  Before leaving on our journey, we need to strengthen your mindset around wealth attraction,  and in allowing your inner leader "captain" to  be confident in navigating and flowing with resistance.
Infinity Energy
  •  We set sail into an amazing discovery of understanding through family DNA, indecision and organization through my process of infinity energy. The framework that powers the 3D process.
Confidence And Clarity
  •  Once in open waters we'll be working through feelings of being stuck, perfection paralysis and removing deep fears associated with success and visibility that are keeping you from stepping confidently into the captains role.
Strengthening Vibration
  • Together we'll strengthen your vibration in a way that eliminates comparisonitis, ceases self-sabotage and conquers procrastin-ation getting you into true alignment so you can  crush your BIGGEST goals. 
Feeling Through Fear
  •  The return home is the emotional part of our journey. Using your  feelings as a compass to guide you, work through forgiveness  and embrace the fear you carry around change so you can learn to love the process and travel light.
Energy Plotting
  •  Entrepreneurship comes with financial fears. Not only will we  be uncovering and releasing these fears, we'll also be focused on leading your team and discovering clarity to plot your next steps home.
Aligning with Flow
  •  The final leg of our journey will be saying farewell to  fear of missing out,  self-sabotage, tuning into intuition and aligning energetic planning so you're ready to complete your journey with all the tools, resources and insight for long-term success.  
In 8 weeks 24 Business Blocks Busted!
These are 24 of the most common business blocks that keep entrepreneurs stuck. 
Confidence has sky rocketted
Along with the course, I'm including these 
awesome BONUSES ... 
(my team thinks I'm crazy!) 
They said I was giving TOO MUCH, but what's a course without awesome Bonuses?  You're Welcome :) 
Distance Space Clearing

I'll be clearing your home and office space from a distance both at 4th week and the 8th week.  So we can maximize your surrounding energy to support your new high-vibe. 

Fully Raw Page Planner 

You'll be able to download this one page planning PDF that features my Moving Tracker ritual. The system I've been using that helps keeps me focus on the most important tasks while making time for self care.


Exclusive Facebook support group for additional guidance. You'll be able to ask questions and get support during and after the course. This is life-time access to both the course content and updates as well as the support group.

over delivers in every way
What this course is not
This is not another strategy e-course showing you some new method of attracting the right customers, monetizing social media, growing your e-mail list, launching a podcast or creating a product (digital or physical). 

This is a course in "discovery."

Really understanding who you are as an entrepreneur, how you work best, what energetic patterns are disrupting you from stepping into your greatness and so much more.

This is the only method I've discovered that gets to the heart of unlocking your limitless potential as an entrepreneur to bring you into ultimate alignment and flow. Which is when the "magic" happens. 
Still need some convincing that this is the game-changer you've been waiting for?
100% on target
Just closed a client
Lots of clarity around my messaging
At this point it really comes down to two choices...
1. Keep doing what you've been doing
2. Do something different
If you've done option 1 long enough and you're ready for some serious shifting, you're in the right place.
Are you ready to bust through your blocks, avoid shiny objects, stay focused, execute like a pro and start growing your business?
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